Sunday, March 9, 2014

BSNL post paid broadband installation contractor issue

I emailed following to different email-ids,,

Dear Sir,
I am BSNL fixed line & Internet broadband customer. When I got my broadband connection installed, I opted to use my existing ADSL modem, and refuse to buy new modem from BSNL contractor who came to install broadband at my home and asking me to buy new modem. I configured my modem and used the internet for few months. I changed my address, and got my connection to transfer to new address, but forgot my internet password. I called the same guy for password, but he is refused to tell me and asking me 250/- as installation charges and refusing to give me receipt. I am helpless in following ways :-

1. I am not able to register myself in self-help care portal, :-
I am getting different errors from last few days, each time I try, right now I am getting following error:-

"Broadband User ID is Invalid or You do not have Active Broadband in Your Service." ,

 I want to logon to this portal to change my password.

2. No one is picking phone on Customer Care Help Line numbers (I am trying this number from last 6-7 days) :- 1800-345-1504

My details are :-
Customer Id - 1022370758
Account Number - 1022370765
UserName for Internet - du2026898336
Phone - 020-26898336

My personal mobile number - 8888998716 / 8888877189
Sir please help me in resolving this issue.

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