Thursday, March 24, 2011

Contents of Leaflet to distribute in Hyderabad

  • 11 Right To Information Activist Brutally murdered by corrupts in last one year. They were our present day freedom fighters of India.

  • Many other honest officers like Manjunath, Satyendra Dubey, Yashwant Sonwane killed in broad day-light. They were honest and not corrupt, hence, they were killed.

  • Money meant for poorest of poor in India is not reaching them, it is being taken away by corrupt politicos, media and corporates

A strong Anti Corruption Act would have saved our heroes !

Prominent Indian citizens have drafted a strong anti-corruption bill called “Jan Lok Pal” Bill, which will eliminate corruption from India. For details about this bill please visit :

Please join us in our fight against Corruption:-
  • March – II 26th March @ 7.30 Morning from [Kukatpalli Metro] to [Ameerpet]

  • Join Mr. Anna Hazare, fasting for Jan Lok Pal on 5th April 2011 (Details for hyderabad is awaited)

Please connect with us on Facebook/Twitter to stay informed about our movement

As media & government is corrupt and not supporting it, we have to make it successful with our own initiatives and efforts.

Prominent Personalities associated with this cause are:-

India's First woman IPS officer Kiran Bedi ji, Prominent Social Activist Anna Hazare ji, Lead Creator of RTI Act Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ji, Hon. Hon. Spiritual Guru Ravi Shankar Maharaj, Swami Agnivesh, Justic D S Tewatia, Ramdev Baba, Mr. Jayprakash Narayan (MLA from Kukatpalli) and many more

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come and be part of India Against Corruption Movement

We People of "India Against Corruption" movement writing to fellow Indian citizen, hoping for their support and make our fight-against-corruption a largest "people" movement of independent India.

This movement is currently being led by prominent social activists and concerned citizens from all spheres, and professions, who've come together to fight corruption in India. First step towards this is getting our draft of "Jan Lokpal" bill enacted. For further details please visit -

We are very much active in Internet (Facebook/Twitter) and currently fighting to get "Jan Lokpal" bill enacted in Parliament.

You can be part of this movement by participating in following ways:-

Need for Urgency

Friends, we are in same urgency which drove Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose to travel across the world for First Freedom. This is our fight for freedom from Corruption. We need to drive it restlessly and urgenly for follwoing reasons:-

  1. According to a 2005 World Bank estimate, 41% of India falls below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 a day. Source They are the people who sleep hungry and deprived of basics in life.

  2. Staggering 9% economic growth fueled by hard work of current youth is benefiting corrupt only, and not the poorest of poor who need it most.

  3. Well, you all must be aware and have read about 2G, CWG, Cash-for-vote practice in elections, Radia Tapes, Illegal mining, black money stashed in foreign banks (shamelessly list goes on)... growth is just shooting corruption up, it is high time we fix this.

  4. In last one year 11 RTI Activist got murdered brutally, and it is getting difficult for honest government officer to continue in their jobs. Find references (6-10).

  5. We are not yet getting any support from National political parties (for reasons you can understand) and there is no sufficient support from print and electronic media (Though we live in a democratic country).

  6. Internet and social networking site is only medium we can remain connected and plan our actions.

References and Links:-






  6. Eight RTI Activist killed in 7 months(current count of martyrs is 11). The Hindu Report

  7. Yashwant Sonwane burnt alive -

  8. Murder of Honest officer Manjunath

  9. Murder of MNREGA activist Niyamat Ansari

  10. Many honest officers are being tortured like this:-