Friday, September 28, 2012

How secure your email & social networking accounts

Today I realize that these web-sites behave very differently then I expect them to. I tested facebook & gmail both, and I could not understand the meaning of tick-boxes in respective login pages:-

My assumption was if I close browser window without doing logout/signout , browser should forget my session, if I did not tick "remeber me" or "stay signed in" tick boxes at the time of log-on.
But to my surprise even if I do not tick this tick boxes browser still remembers my logged-in session even after restart of machine. What is the meaning of tick boxes? Can someone please give me logic behind these tick-boxes.

Password Hell and no sign of saving yourself from it

I found most of my friends are facing this problem (their social networking/email account being hacked). Reason for this is we normally use same email-id/password at time of being sign-up to other services/product/company sites. Sometime these sites can represent trusted source, and sometimes these may not be the case. 
Only recommendation is to never use same password with emailid being provided as user-ID, which is password of your id in different services you use (facebook/gmail etc.). Give a different password to these sites, and never repeat actual password which you use in conjunction with original user-name.

If you ever happen to use these services from browser of different machine, never forget to clear history. as things like following exist in browsers:-

To Summarize:-

1. Always clear Browser history when you use your accounts at some other non-secure computer (computer which does not ask your id/pwd when u logon. esp the case with net cafe)

2. Never use same password in conjunction with email id/user id which you use in original service. 

3. Last but most important step, prevent yourself from click on advertisement with dirty images  (google/facebook also show such advt.) and computer games and torretz sites, as these are most common source of misusing your password and can install malwares to your browsers and viruses too. 

4. Install this in your windows PC

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Split of Anna and Arvind Kejriwal - Good or Bad?

Actually what happened is perfect! Anna was never willing to be part of political party (he said that in Jantar mantar too). Anna-Arvind, not having each other are little weak but they will regain power in few days of Hardwork. If Anna had joined politics there were sure new Lalu/Sharad Yadav out of the poltics the way it happened with JP movement. Thats the way Anna himself expressed it. And it shows he learn from history. Anna and few key members of IAC not aligned with electoral political party, will ensure long life of "India Against Corruption" movement. Corrupt politicians will still hate Anna and his close associates,(which is a good thing :) and fear them. Even I am sure, Arvind's every move will be judged by current set of IAC people. Which is again a good thing for nation. One most powerful and simplest target of Anna ji is to make 90% people vote. If he achieves that then realization of those beautiful dreams are not far.

Arvind has chosen a far more difficult path. His move will strengthen youth's belief in democracy. As democracy is painfully slow form of governance, and patience is a virtue, youth does not possess, he and his supporters are going to face tough time. If they stay in right path, they will gradually earn support. I often heard co-workers of Arvind accuse him of being egoistic. Arvind and all his friends actively pursuing idea of ideal political party will soon realize that "ego" is something which won't let the an inch of success in this path. Arvind's move will also strengthen and will bring those "few good men" of indian politics in limelight which loose due to laziness/unawareness of youth in india (likes of Loksatta of JP, Arun Bhatia, Meera Sanyal, Capt. Gopinath, etc.)

I hope Arvind won't use "IAC" name in his new political party, He was one of the core member who built IAC and gave idea of Janlokpal, but even if it is painful, he should abandon it completely. As IAC belongs to millions of activist of India and not only Arvind anymore.

I feel influence of Anna will make 90% people get their Voter ID card ready, and Arvind if he trade carefully and find good candidates, will make those 90% stand in queue to vote for those good men.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Next course of Actions for IAC

Dear Friends,
2011 was very fruitful year for all of us. We exposed all the MPs & Political parties, how much they all are scared of independent corruption investigation agency.
It was also sad to see poor state of our democracy and our first year of effort exposed many flaws and recent drama in parliament over weak Lokpal forces us to rethink our strategy.
I recently see #VoterAwareness Program which is very positive step. Here are my few more suggestions:

  1. Continue with #VoterAwareness program,
  2. Request & Convince Local Media to publish Candidate Past History and details, if they don't agree, Distribute leaflets describing about each local candidate what he disclosed to Election Commission:
  4. Start Awareness Camps who will help people to get their Voter ID Card ready and make them aware about importance of voting and different elections which happens and importance of each.
  5. In India When we reject some Party/individual, strangely they earn more sympathy. It is time we should start identifying & supporting honest candidates also. It is risky but very important step to give real scare to corrupts.
  6. Start pushing for Electoral Reforms, We should take help of all previous CEC to draft Electoral Reform Bill and start pushing for it.