Friday, December 20, 2013

WHY BJP is not a political party of my choice

Funding to the party -

1. with almost 800 Carores declaring as donation from unknown sources, shouldn't BJP stop giving lectures about corruption issues. 

2. Do you know anyone purchasing 20,000 Rs coupon from Cong/BJP which they declare. 

References :-
Funding from foreign companies

Vision & Policies - 

3. Do you know foreign policy and economic policy of BJP? Let me know in comment. Share the vision they have for nation!

Promise to fight corruption - 

4. Have they offered anything cocrete to fight corruption in this country? apart from offering this Lokpal which has all the clauses to encourage corruption instead. do you see any reason to keep Citizen Charter, Whistleblower protection & Independent CBI out of this lokpal bill? Do you think anyone will dare to file complain to the Lokpal when there is danger of complainent going to jail in case incompetent CBI fails to prove his case. 
If there funding stinks, can they claim to fight against corruption in this country?

Leadership - 

5. Of-course after PM like MMS, anyone can seem like a good PM candidate, but why we have to settle with substandard choices, does person with such shoddy past become our PM (snoopgate of a lady, fake encounters etc), will this country be stable? Will he get eminent people for his cabinet like Atal bihari did?


6. Do you see any reason why shouldn't political party fall under RTI? Why not their account audited with independent Auditor & pay taxes. In this country all small or BIG companies do that. Then why BJP silent on this point. If they are thinking like all other political parties on issue of transparency whats the meaning of "Party with difference" slogan.

7. Why Modi so scared of strong Lokayukta in Gujrat, why he had to weaken it?  Does he show, any sign that he will bring more transparency in governance once he comes to power?


Criminals in Politics

8. How Modi can become so holy choice when he has given tickets to such staunch criminals in Gujrat (remember gun trotting congress MLAs in toll booth, he got seat in modi's Gujrat BJP, and his MLA Dinu Solanki, and google more). Visit and ask BJP, why they give ticket to people with lots of pending cases of serious crimes. Nitin Gadkari famously accepted, we won't win election if we give ticket to honest. Do you think people of this country are fool?
References :-

Friday, December 13, 2013

Support of Aam Aadmi is not Unconditional to Aam Aadmi Party

Support of Aam Aadmi is not Unconditional to Aam Aadmi Party 

Date :- 14th December 2013

Lot of interesting things happening in Indian Political arena. Something which has caught imagination of all of us, is recent success of "Aam Aadmi Party(AAP)" in Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election. I too Proudly donated to AAP, and volunteered for them from Pune in citizen call campaign. I am writing this post to describe what AAP means to me, why do I support it, and what are my basic expectations from AAP. Lets first start with Basic ideology of AAP which won my support :-

Core Ideology of AAP

I found following very intriguing and AAP got my support instantly :-

  1. Transparent Funding Disclosing name of donors instantly AND not accepting undisclosed donations from corporate. 
  2. Transparent & Impressive Candidate selection process- Just look at the list of 69 candidates they fielded in Delhi Vidhan Sabha. We all know, how costly it is to get tickets of Congress/BJP for Aam Aadmi to fight election in India. How they run candidate selection process as covert operation. Most impressively they managed to keep criminals away from legislating (we have 30% MPs in Loksabha who has power to legislates but with serious criminal cases against them.) This is HUGE win. They walked the talk. One candidate found to have got a case registered against him, they withdrew him instantly.
  3. They promises strong LokPal & Swaraj way of governance - I believe in their promise. I believe that they will make it happen, once come to power. By creating manifestos for each constituency by involving citizens directly, they have demonstrated that they can run "swaraj" style of governance.

Why do I support AAP

I support AAP because of above core ideology they have demonstrated that they follow it successfully. Also because no other political party shows any such values. I strongly believe their spokesperson have to work harder, to make above points, center focus of their success, and force other political party to follow same, in some way. After all as AAP claim, they are in Politics to change it.

  • Condition 1 - If AAP deter anywhere else from above mentioned core ideology, you lose Aam Aadmi support.

Leaders in AAP

I am more impressed with AAP leaders like Vinod Kr Binny, commondo Surendra, Prof. Anand Kumar, Prof Yogendra Yadav, Saurabh Bharadwaj, Col Devindra Sherawat, and many. In fact I liked them more than famous faces like Kumar Vishwas, Shazia Ilmi. These unknown faces (except Prof Yogendra Yadav, who is a well know face) should get more exposures, and their awesome work should be discussed more often in media.

Mistakes committed by AAP so far (IMHO)

  • Some wrong "Bayanbaji", esp from someone as eminent as Prashant Bhushan ji. You may say, his statements were his personal opinion and not party's vision, whats wrong in that? The "wrong" with that is, all the focus of media and public get caught in his negative opinions, and we loose focus from above mentioned "Core Ideology of AAP", Spokesmen of AAP got busy in giving clarifications and a very wrong image goes out in public about AAP. Which is very costly now. 
  • Arvind also committed similar mistake by questioning Batla encounter, which was a sub-judiced matter. 
  • Instead of Arvind visiting Religious men "individually" he should put effort to bring all of them in single stage, and meet them all simultaneously.  
AAP has to win, not because they need power, but to correct other political parties, and overhaul overall democratic system within India. 

  • Condition 2 - Correct above mistakes as soon as possible.

Also as mentioned in "Leaders in AAP" section, let Kumar Vishwas, and shazia Ilmi prove themselves "more", and then let them go to media with much more credibility. Yes, they are good orators and have very good command over language, but that should not be only factor in letting them become face of AAP on media & to public "too often".

Where should be Focus in Future

Unfortunately AAP is forced to fight Loksabha, way too soon in its lifetime. Obviously AAP did not get enough time to build the network. They should be focusing on:-

  • Building-up the organization in all remote places of India. AAP can learn a lot from RSS on this. I do admire RSS for this (well another blog post on this, on some other time).
  • Clearing their standpoint in international relations of India. Well why? Does standpoint of Congress & BJP are clear on this point? No! Just because people & Media question on this point to AAP and we should have final answer on this. We just can't afford to be as ambiguous as Congress/BJP are. Surely, vision on international relations would evolve, as India, corrects it's internal corrupt & weak political leadership, & strengthens the economy, which is most important to have better standing on world platform.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An open letter (request) to Aam Aadmi Party
Hi Team,

As it is known fact that getting new voter id card for middle class, Aam Aadmi is very difficult process.
I am trying from last few months (from here in Pune) but failed to get it yet.

I submitted my filled in forms with all supporting document (Passport copy as age proof, and bank passbook as address proof) during Voter ID Registration drive in one of the designated school, but haven't got it my voter id card yet.
I tried again from but no success yet. I uploaded my form with all proof, and contacted the ERO, he gave me another number, and beside online facility, where it is mentioned officer will come to my residence for verification, they are asking me to bring printed documents submitted in-person in their office. I will try that too, as I need my Voter ID asap.

If you conduct Poll on Facebook and Twitter, you will find, not having Voter ID Card would be top most excuse. But getting it ready by election is also not easy process (Unfortunately Govt. gave more advt for Aadhar card and Digital setup box for cable TV, instead of Voter ID Card registration).

Usually Voter Registration drive are conducted by Political Worker of different political parties. Who prefer to arrange voter id card for people who would vote for them in exchange of money/liquor.

Dr. Ashwini Mahesh from Loksatta Party also filed PIL in Bangalore Hight court against Election commission to sort out discrepancies in voter registration process. He won the case also, and Court guided election commission to use Post Offices as place to submit Form6 etc. We should contact Dr. Ashwini Mahesh for detail verdict from court.

Another PIL on Bangalore Hight Court

I would urge Aam Aadmi Party to :-
1. Start Voter ID Registration drive in school/colleges across country. Register college students, and encourage them further to lead the effort so that they register people from their residential colony.

2. Take the above PIL further into conclusive judgement, and enable Internet based voting, where person should be able to vote from anywhere.

3. Make Voter ID Registration process easy , by pressurizing Election commission to take up this issue seriously. (If they can outsource it the way Passport outsourced to TCS by Ministry of External Affairs).

Thanks & Regards,
Sutikshan Dubey (8888877189)