Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An open letter (request) to Aam Aadmi Party
Hi Team,

As it is known fact that getting new voter id card for middle class, Aam Aadmi is very difficult process.
I am trying from last few months (from here in Pune) but failed to get it yet.

I submitted my filled in forms with all supporting document (Passport copy as age proof, and bank passbook as address proof) during Voter ID Registration drive in one of the designated school, but haven't got it my voter id card yet.
I tried again from but no success yet. I uploaded my form with all proof, and contacted the ERO, he gave me another number, and beside online facility, where it is mentioned officer will come to my residence for verification, they are asking me to bring printed documents submitted in-person in their office. I will try that too, as I need my Voter ID asap.

If you conduct Poll on Facebook and Twitter, you will find, not having Voter ID Card would be top most excuse. But getting it ready by election is also not easy process (Unfortunately Govt. gave more advt for Aadhar card and Digital setup box for cable TV, instead of Voter ID Card registration).

Usually Voter Registration drive are conducted by Political Worker of different political parties. Who prefer to arrange voter id card for people who would vote for them in exchange of money/liquor.

Dr. Ashwini Mahesh from Loksatta Party also filed PIL in Bangalore Hight court against Election commission to sort out discrepancies in voter registration process. He won the case also, and Court guided election commission to use Post Offices as place to submit Form6 etc. We should contact Dr. Ashwini Mahesh for detail verdict from court.

Another PIL on Bangalore Hight Court

I would urge Aam Aadmi Party to :-
1. Start Voter ID Registration drive in school/colleges across country. Register college students, and encourage them further to lead the effort so that they register people from their residential colony.

2. Take the above PIL further into conclusive judgement, and enable Internet based voting, where person should be able to vote from anywhere.

3. Make Voter ID Registration process easy , by pressurizing Election commission to take up this issue seriously. (If they can outsource it the way Passport outsourced to TCS by Ministry of External Affairs).

Thanks & Regards,
Sutikshan Dubey (8888877189)