Friday, January 6, 2012

Next course of Actions for IAC

Dear Friends,
2011 was very fruitful year for all of us. We exposed all the MPs & Political parties, how much they all are scared of independent corruption investigation agency.
It was also sad to see poor state of our democracy and our first year of effort exposed many flaws and recent drama in parliament over weak Lokpal forces us to rethink our strategy.
I recently see #VoterAwareness Program which is very positive step. Here are my few more suggestions:

  1. Continue with #VoterAwareness program,
  2. Request & Convince Local Media to publish Candidate Past History and details, if they don't agree, Distribute leaflets describing about each local candidate what he disclosed to Election Commission:
  4. Start Awareness Camps who will help people to get their Voter ID Card ready and make them aware about importance of voting and different elections which happens and importance of each.
  5. In India When we reject some Party/individual, strangely they earn more sympathy. It is time we should start identifying & supporting honest candidates also. It is risky but very important step to give real scare to corrupts.
  6. Start pushing for Electoral Reforms, We should take help of all previous CEC to draft Electoral Reform Bill and start pushing for it.