Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Post by GV Dasarathi

30 % OF BJP, CONGRESS MP CANDIDATES HAVE CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST THEM. 13 % of them face serious charges like murder and kidnapping.



Which of these reasons warrants voting for a criminal as our MP ?
1. India needs a 'strong' Prime Minister to root out inefficiency and corruption, and BJP will ensure this.
2. I want a Hindu Rashtra, and BJP will ensure this.
3. I don't want the BJP in power at any cost, so I'm voting Congress because I don't think AAP will win, and don't want to divide the votes.

1. Is the BJP bothered about corruption ? Ask any businessman (like me) who does business on Gujarat about corruption in government purchases there - they'll tell you it's alive and kicking today. The earlier BJP government in Karnataka looted the treasury, raped the environment, and now 2 of the kings of Karnakata corruption have been invited (begged ?) back into the BJP - Yediyurappa and Sriramulu.

2. Does the desire for a Hindu Rashtra include the desire to have moral police thugs like the Sri Rama Sene in Karnataka and the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra (8 of whose current 10 MPs have criminal cases against them) with whom the BJP has an electoral tie up now ? Do we want this : While corrupt politicians are making our economic life miserable, their corrupt moral thug brigade is making our personal and social life miserable ?

3. Do we want the Congress, that quotes Gandhiji and Nehruji, and does 2G and CWG ? That has ensured that we don't get water and power in every home, but definitely get corruption in every home ?

Why don't we think like the Delhi-wallah, who, faced with an unknown party with no track record but good intentions and clean candidates, said "This is enough for me", and almost voted in AAP with a majority ? Who, today, is saying "I made a mistake last time by not giving AAP a majority. I will not make this mistake when the MLA elections are held a second time in a few months". You doubt that this is what they're saying ? If you go to Delhi, just do a casual survey of people (I did it recently, with friends, auto and taxi drivers and shop keepers that I met) and listen to what they say.

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