Friday, March 21, 2014

Questions to answer for AAP Candidates

  1. How are you convincing your voters to NOT to vote based on Caste & Religion but Vote based on real issues like "Jobs", "Education" , "Health"?
  2. Have you visited Govt Schools of your constituency, identified the problem being faced by childrens there? Now please visit their parent's houses, with solution you would offer to solve their children's problem in school.
  3. Have you met elderly in your constituency? Did you listen to their problems due to poor conditions of Govt Hospitals? Do you offer concrete solutions to them?
  4. Do you abide by SC 2006 Directive on Police Reforms. Do you provide assurance of voters in your area that you will implement them? It will give them assurance that they will not have to run to any religious Guru in case of riots in village, competent police force will ensure their protection.
  5. Are you able to convice your voters that poor conditions in school/hospitals are due to incompetent MPs who distribute money/liquor during night of elections.

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