Sunday, February 16, 2014

Few Critical Questions to Arvind Kejriwal

1. Why you never bother to acknowledge contribution of Parties like Loksatta/Nav-Bharat, during your interviews and talks?

Even though Rajdeep Sardesai asked you that with whom AAP can align with, you mentioned all other parties are corrupt, but you didn't bother to acknowledge these new small parties with similar intent as AAP. 
It shows that you are failing to involve anyone else who don't fall in line to align with AAP, isn't it?
I witness that it was Loksatta, which was responsible to spread JanLokPal movement in South India. They did it without mentioning their name in any of the gathering of IAC, silently, even though their leaders were not fully agree with Janlokpal draft prepared under your leadership.

2. You failed to align with people with right intent, but different views/ideas. Will you acknowledge this failure?
You often asked by journalists that, do you introspect? Have you learnt anything? May be They ask this as they fail to find any fault in you, during all these years, and leave this exercise on you. 

Your split with Anna and reasons behind it, are well known in public, and you have fair reasons on this. As this separation was due to huge ideological difference. But it is still a failure on your part to not able to convince them and loose them in longer run.
More examples for which, "Reasons" are not available in public domain are :-
  • Your separations from Aruna Roy and team.
  • Not being able to align with R.K. Mishra and his Nav-Bharat party (still hoping that you would manage to align with Loksatta.)

I am sure, You would not doubt intent and core ideology of JP & RK Mishra, but did you try equally harder to walk a mile for including them in this fight against corrupt politics?

3. Failing to include larger but different views on important subjects.
Mr. Jayprakash Narayan did an awesome job in organizing Round Table Conference, inviting eminent personalities to discuss Lokpal proposal in detail. Why do I fail to see such attempts by you? 
India is very large country, as now AAP has gone national, ability to invite inclusion of larger audience on important topics and fight, going to be very critical.

All three questions have common theme, but answers to these could be different. I supported data for my questions. I hope, either Arvind mange to answer these, or some journalist ask these specific questions from him, or any supporter convey these to him.

I am still an AAP supporter, and try to spread the word everyday. But I believe, we should never stop questioning our favorite leader. A mistake, which I often observe in traditional political parties like Congress/BJP/TMC etc. I believe it is responsibility of every AAP/Loksatta/NavBharat supporter to ensure it does not happen with their party, what has happened to Congress/BJP. As we all know, how noble was the beginning of Congress/BJP.

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