Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why I don't like FDI in retail

Even JP of loksatta criticises AAP moves to block FDI in retail in Delhi.

All I know, I found local Marwari Kirana dukaan cheaper than current star bazaar and big bazaar.  One logic which opposer gives is, we will learn from Walmart on supply chain and retailing. But how come RAmdev baba manages to open worlds largest franchisee stores in every town of India w/o any experience and skills. I believe no need to copy business models of USA in India. What works their may not work here. We can't have monopolised market driven economy like US, we have billion hands and we need millions of entrepreneurs, we should encourage that. There should be a lot more safety net for local Kirana before allowing FDI, even SC observations said same.

Hence, I would expect to encourage local business with 

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